Info Sessions


Health Analytics with Dr. Barry Stein

Hartford HealthCare’s Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Barry Stein, presented to our graduate students the importance of bringing innovative technologies, advanced analytics, and informatics to the forefront of the healthcare industry. He envisions a seamless integration of data, where patient care is individualized and structured to every patients’ unique needs.

Barry Stein Info Session
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The Convergence of Data Analytics and Internal Audit with Charles Windeknecht

Charles Windeknecht, VP of Internal Audit at Atlas Air Worldwide, spoke with our students at our Stamford campus. He offered insight into the role of data analytics in the risk assessment process and corporate internal audit operations. “Technology is transforming the traditional methodologies that drive the audit process,” stated Charles. “Audit professionals must embrace and act upon the opportunity the transformation is offering.”

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Syngenta Crop Challenge in Analytics