Life IO

LifeIO is a leading customer engagement and data analytics solution bridging the gap between life carriers and their policyholders. By helping people achieve their goals, enables carriers to become human again, achieving their promise to help people live healthier, happier lives, while providing them with security and trust. Built on a foundation of science, uses behavioral economics, social psychology, and personalized content to nurture a community of highly engaged consumers. By utilizing, carriers capture these insights and use them to build brand loyalty, accelerate growth, minimize policy risk, and streamline the underwriting process.

User Engagement and Health Impact Capstone Project partnered with CABA to better understand how user characteristics were related to increased engagement and improved health outcomes on the platform. Over the course of 12 weeks, 65 students applied their training and creativity to understand the business model, transform raw data into insights, augment analytical findings with secondary research, and deliver meaningful recommendations. gained a library of knowledge about user engagement and health impact to enhance their product and position in the marketplace.
“I was impressed by the fact that although they were presented a single project description,  each student-team approached our data from a different angle, leaving us with a wide set of actionable insights for our business” stated Munir Pathak, Senior Data Scientist at “The robust and thoughtful work delivered by the students speaks to the quality of education and experience they gained at UConn. I look forward to sponsoring additional projects and interacting with even more talented students as we grow our relationship with CABA.”
Email Effectiveness Analysis Capstone Project
“We had another great experience with the UConn CABA team. The students were professional, motivated and eager to crack the case. We turned over a million emails for the project teams to dig into. They came back with insights that spanned from when is there best time to send a message to what’s the optimal word count, to imagery and even sentiment analysis. What was especially great is that with six teams all reviewing the data independently, you combine the best of data science with the wisdom of crowds, each team acting as a counter balance and fact checker to the other teams. We were able to immediately put the insights to work and are eager to continue our collaboration with the UConn CABA program.”
-Jon Cooper
Co-Founder and CEO